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Eisuke Tani

Creative Director and Founder, Surface.
Hair style is a critical element in Fashion.
Balance is key for a sophisticated and fashionable creation.
My motto is to bring out the beauty in each individual,
by working with hair texture and bone structure to arrive at styles that are attractive three dimensionally.
It is important to create styles that require minimal maintenance and low daily prep time.

hair cut model

hair cut model

hair cut model

1995 Begins career at Sashu in Harajuku, Tokyo

1998 Debut as a Stylist

2001 Starts working in NYC at a beauty salon, providing services for both hair and make-up

2006 Returns to Japan, Becomes Director at Red-ux in Daikanyama, Tokyo

2012 Opens Surface in Aoyama, Tokyo

2017 Expansion & Relocation of Surface to Omotesando, Tokyo