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At Surface, we create a wide array of hair designs ranging from natural straight hair or perm styles to bleached highlights.

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Long Hair Perm Style

Digital perm technology that enables waves that looks completely natural. Even for those hair types that are normally difficult to perm, this perm technology will properly mark the wave ridges. Infused with two kinds of oils, the finished look will leave you with minimal trace of damage.

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Angled along the jawline, this style is an all-time favorite. Highly popular due to its low-maintenance and practicality, requiring minimal prep time, yet extremely fashionable and caters to all age groups.

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Bleach Color for those seeking for specific color We layer pale tone as a toner after bleaching We recommend Bleach Highlight for those seeking contrast.

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weekdays 12:00~21:00
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sunday and special holiday 10:00~19:00
All mondays day off, without before special holiday.

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